• Treatments – Lips

  • Achieving full beautiful lips with lip liner and lipstick is time consuming. A lip enhancement will allow you perfect lip shape to define the natural lip line and enhance the natural lip colour and reshape uneven lips, producing healthy and more youthful lips.

    Whether you want a natural look or the look of make-up this can be achieved and will last all day, every day, you no longer need to reach for that lipstick. Permanent lip make-up will free you from the daily routine of conventional make-up.

    Barely there lip line definer - defines the natural lip line created in a similar colour to the natural lips. This is discrete and visible only at close view. £250

    Impact lip line definer - defines and can extend passed the natural lip line to give definition and fullness to the lip. This is usually created in a contrasting colour to the natural lips and gives a lip line make-up look. £250

    Everlasting lip definer with Lip blush - defines and can extend passed the natural lip line to give a natural definition and fullness to the lip. The effect is complimented by shading that is blended softly towards the interior of the lip. £250

    Lip definer with full lip coverage - £350

    FULL FACE - 10% OFF

    Book 2 procedures together - £450
    Book 3 prodecures together - £675

  • Please note...

    All new treatments include ONE review / retouch to be done withing 6 to 10 weeks after your appointment, if required. This does not apply to colour boost procedures. Any further retouches will incur a charge.

    Before any treatment you will recieve allergy patch tests.

    To confirm any appointment,a non-refundable deposit will be taken.