• Benefits

  • 10 Good reasons for Permanent Make-up

    1: Convenience. You wish to stop carrying make-up, you have little or no time to apply make-up, possibly professionals or mothers.
    2: You wish to enhance your features and you don’t like the way make-up smears and disappears.
    3: You suffer from hay fever and allergies or you have sensitive skin. 
    4: You are less skilled at applying make-up, you may have arthritis or painful hands.
    5: Wear glasses or contact lenses.
    6: You have an active, outdoor lifestyle.
    7: If you like a natural ‘no makeup’ look, you want to look your best anytime and anywhere.
    8: Ageing changes in the brows, lips, eyes and you may wish to look younger.
    9: You have lost hair from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery. 
    10: You wish to replace colour. Breasts (areola), cleft lips and vitiligo patches are examples where cosmetic tattooing can help